Nga mihi mo nga ahuatanga o tenei wa ki a koutou katoa, Tihei Mauri Ora!


The Mauri Model is transforming the understanding of kaitiakitanga and sustainability in Aotearoa New Zealand


Only the Mauri Model can comprehensively and holistically inform the response for the MV Rena disaster in terms of restoring “the mauri of the environment to its pre-Rena state”.


The Mauri Model is a useful alternative to other decision support tools including Cost Benefit Analysis, as these struggle to effectively integrate qualitative and indigenous values.

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There are no other known decision making frameworks that can integrate quantitative and qualitative data seamlessly providing an absolute assessment of sustainability.




Projects from Portfolio

Restore Mauri Assessment (MV Rena)


website has been developed to enable Iwi to conduct their own assessments of

Indigenous knowledge applied to an engineering project on the Haumingi papakainga, Rotoiti, 1986.



The Mauri Model is being used to assess hydro projects such as The Three Gorges Dam project, Tarawera catchment and the Rotoma Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Water Management


Student research projects, using the Mauri Model.

Student Projects